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Singer's Piano!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hi! Welcome to Singer’s Piano!

This is a free online course designed specifically for singers to gain skills to:

-Accompany yourself & your students (if you’re a voice teacher)

-Read sheet music

-Write your own songs

You may be asking, why is this course free? Let me explain. My name is Billy Gollner, I am a professional singer and voice teacher, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I have lived and performed all over the world and I have been teaching singing (and piano) for a very long time. I wanted to develop a resource for adults and young people who are driven, self-motivated, and talented to build the skills they need without breaking the bank.

Many piano lessons will teach you a lot about playing classical piano, which is wonderful if you want to be a classical pianist (I teach classical piano privately, and it is wonderful) but this course is specifically designed for singers who want to sing & play piano at the same time, write songs, and developing piano skills/musicianship, for a lifetime of music making.

The course is very intensive and is designed to build your skillset very quickly. To practice, begin by pulling up the main video and practicing along 3-5 times/week. Once you feel more familiar with the material, you can just practice along with each week’s packet. There are more notes about practicing at the end of this packet.

Each week will consist of the following key areas being covered:

1. Scales

2. Reading Music

3. Chord Progressions

4. Singing & Playing

5. Songwriting Homework

Please make sure that you go back to the YouTube video, please click the “like” and “subscribe” video. You can even turn on the “bell” notification so you receive a notice every time I post a new video!

Singing Lessons:

If you’d like to book in a singing lesson, I have a private teaching studio in Vancouver, Canada but I also teach voice lessons online to students all over the world via Zoom (a Skype/Facetime-like platform, except better). Please feel free to contact me at: to arrange a singing lesson.

Here are the videos for Singer's Piano Level I:

Singer's Piano Level I: Week I ("All About C Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week II ("All About G Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week III ("All About F Major"

Singer's Piano Level I: Week IV ("All About D Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week V ("All About Bb Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week VI ("All About A Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week VII ("All About Eb Major")

Singer's Piano Level I: Week VIII ("All About E Major")

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