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Lessons at Billy Gollner Vocal Academy are fun and informative! We want to keep studio policies transparent and clear so there is never any miscommunication. In turn, we can also spend our lesson time singing! While these policies might seem strict, they are to ensure the mutual respect, safety, and confidentiality of all students and partners at BG Vocals. 

Cancellations & Rescheduling Policies: Single-Lesson Bookings

Cancellations fall under one of two categories: cancellations/rescheduling policies for single-lesson bookings, and cancellations/rescheduling policies for recurring bookings.


Due to the intense demand of Billy’s schedule, cancellations or rescheduling requests for single-lesson bookings cannot be accommodated under any circumstances. This is the tradeoff for not requiring students to book into a recurring weekly/biweekly spot.


Please note: Most bookings will fall under this policy. If you do not have a recurring lesson time (i.e. Mondays at 5:30 PM), you are considered as booking single lessons, even if you book lessons each week.


Cancellations & Rescheduling Policies: Recurring Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lessons

Cancellations and rescheduling requests for students in recurring weekly or bi-weekly lessons must be communicated with a minimum of 48 hours notice.


Services cancelled or rescheduled within less than 48 hours of the appointment must be paid in full.


Students regularly cancelling lessons or making rescheduling requests (more than 2 lesson cancellations in a rolling 3-month period) may lose their regular weekly lesson slot and be asked to book single lessons.


Please note: Students only qualify as recurring weekly or bi-weekly students if they are in a recurring lesson spot (for example, every Monday at 5:30 PM) even if the student is booking weekly or biweekly lessons. In order for this cancellation policy to be applicable to you, you must be in a recurring lesson spot.


Payment Policies

For students in regular weekly or biweekly slots, payment will be due at the beginning of the month. Invoices will be sent out via Jane on the first Sunday of each month. Payment will still be accepted via Jane (Credit Card), E-Transfer (to, or by Cheque/Cash drop-off. Payments not processed by the student by the second Sunday of the month will be automatically processed with the credit card on file.


For students booking single lessons, payment is due upon booking the lesson(s). Students booking single lessons must pre-pay for all individual lessons immediately upon booking the lesson(s).


Please note: Refunds are not offered under any circumstances.


Lessons will end at the appointed time even if the student is late for their lesson. Chronic tardiness may result in termination of the working relationship.



Students can trust that all topics shared in a private lesson will be kept exclusively between the teacher and student at all times. Under no circumstance will private information be shared about students, including their names, without explicit written consent from the student and/or their parent/guardian (for those under 18 years of age).

In addition, students must maintain confidentiality about the identity of other students they meet in passing through BG Vocals. Under no circumstance is a student to disclose the identities or skill levels of other students. BG Vocals has the honour and privilege of working with many high-level singers, musicians, and professional actors. Under no circumstances should the names of the fellow students you meet at BG Vocals be disclosed publicly at any time.


Non-Disclosure of Materials

Material given to students in the course of their work with BG Vocals is proprietary, copyrighted and developed specifically for BG Vocals. Students agree that such proprietary material is solely for the student’s own personal use. Any disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited, including recordings of lessons.


Student Responsibility Policies

Students are expected to bring the following to lessons: (1) water, (2) a Music Binder with Assigned Repertoire, hole-punched and organized, (3) a Recording Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), and (4) corks as straws (as provided by Billy during in-person lessons, or requested for online lessons).


Students are expected to maintain regular practice schedules outside of lessons.


Here are the minimum practice requirements: (A) 30 minutes, 3 times per week for beginning students, (B) 45 minutes, 3 times per week for intermediate students, (C), 60 minutes, 3 times per week for advanced students.


Illness & Inclement Weather Policy

In terms of transmissible illnesses (Colds, Flu, COVID-19, etc.), if you are experiencing any symptoms, lessons will automatically switch to online for that day. Students displaying symptoms during in-person lessons will be asked to leave the studio and will be charged in full for the session.


When students are unwell, the main focus of our online lessons will be on vocal health. There are plenty of exercises we can do to assess where the voice is, we then do restorative exercises to make it easier for you to navigate your vocal demands while sick. In addition, we can work on sight reading, ear training, music theory, repertoire planning, music history, overviews of vocal improvisation, songwriting, etc. as we normally don’t have time to go too in-depth on these in regular lessons. It’s best to look at being sick as an opportunity to deep dive into these exciting topics!


In the event of inclement weather (most commonly in Vancouver being snow), all lessons will be online, unless a student can arrange safe transport to and from lessons.


Home Studio Policies (In-Person Lessons)

As BG Vocals is located inside Billy’s home, students are asked to be respectful. Please refrain from arriving excessively early due to the private nature of lessons happening before yours.


Students are asked to wait on the bench in the entryway and are welcome to use the main floor bathroom, off the entryway.


Parents/Guardians and siblings (students under the age of 18) are welcome to wait on the bench in the entryway during lessons.

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